The materials; White selvedge

We weave yarn dyed blue indigo by philosophy.
We don’t use machines for mass production in the production of our soul denim, just use analog old-fashioned weaving machines. Because there is beauty that can be produced by only that method.

We sew up “beauty” of denim itself and make it jeans. So, MILESTONE BASEMENT jeans eliminate any unnecessary decoration.
White Selvedge, not red. This pure white line that extends straight on the blue plain is pride of the material, it is a symbol of the our identity that we are not someone.


私たちは、デニムそのものが持つ「美」を縫い上げ、ジーンズを生み出します。だから、MILESTONE BASEMENTのジーンズは無駄な装飾を一切排除しています。