The days when anyone thought raw denim was cool are long gone.

MILESTONE BASEMENT jeans are all pre-washed and sun-dried, so that you can wear them right away without worrying about the shrinkage or hardness that can affect raw denim.

The days when anyone thought raw denim was cool are long gone.

Deliberate fading and aging of jeans for style and beauty kills the original beauty of denim.

Vintage jeans are beautiful because they bear traces of over half a century of somebody’s everyday life. No one ever wore these jeans solely for the purpose of aging them. They were washed when they needed to be washed and simply worn as part of a daily routine.

That’s why their jeans are so beautiful.

We also firmly believe that our jeans should be treated the same way.

There is no need to wash them for months or years or create unnatural wrinkles. We just wany you to wear them for a long, long time. To strive for this goal, we incorporate the best quality, technology and ingenuity.

Just through wearing them in your everyday life, you will see the true beauty of MILESTONE BASEMENT denim shine through.

MILESTONE BASEMENTのジーンズは、全て一度洗い、天日干ししています。あなたが縮みや硬さといった生デニムのストレスを感じることなくジーンズを穿くべきであると考えているからです。







ただ日常の一部として穿くことによって、MILESTONE BASEMENTのデニムは、本当の美しさを得るのです。