Stay simple


What we value in designing jeans is that they are thorough and simple.
Jeans are already fully designed. Our philosophy is that there is no unnecessary decoration.

So is the MILESTONE BASEMENT jeans with all the decorations shaved off? Of course not. Rather the opposite.

MILESTONE BASEMENT jeans are designed with a complete waste. And the essential charm of jeans emerges delicately.

It is as supple and beautiful as a willow branch.

It is not just strength to think about things by addition.
MILESTONE BASEMENT jeans are simple, beautiful and above all strong.




では、一切の装飾を削ぎ落としたMILESTONE BASEMENTのジーンズは無味乾燥なものか?もちろん、そうではありません。むしろ逆です。

MILESTONE BASEMENTのジーンズは徹底的に無駄を削ぎ落としすことで、ジーンズが持つ本質的な魅力を繊細に浮かび上がらています。


MILESTONE BASEMENTのジーンズは、シンプルで美しく、そして何よりも強靭です。