Place to weave the philosophy of denim


Our denim is woven in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture. We will weave beautiful denim using vintage Toyota looms, which are currently in limited operation in the world.

Although it is a machine, unlike the latest computer-controlled loom, its structure is almost analog. Even with the same loom, the fabric produced by the environment varies greatly depending on the environment. In order to weave good denim, it is essential to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity depending on the season.

The craftsmen are moving multiple looms at the same time to concentrate all their nerves on the movements and sounds of each shuttle and make fine adjustments in real time. Relying on denim, relying solely on your own skills and experience, is just as tension and delicate as a jazz session.

Denim, which is woven by skilled craftsmen, has an old-fashioned expression and texture that cannot be put on a loom for mass production.