Lo-fi Hip Hop, growing in popularity mainly on Spotify. This movement goes beyond just music, and if you were to delve deeper into you, you would find yourself listening to the beats of Minthaze on your playlist.

Minthaze is a track maker from Okinawa. Minthaze doesn’t simply put sounds onto CDs and release them, but uses Spotify as the main way of announcing their work. Their stance on their activities, connecting to the world directly from their bedroom, embodies a feeling unique to the SNS generation.

What made you start making music?

I used to play a lot of video games when I was younger. I heard this one song by ATCQ “Award Tour” on a video game and was interested in how the music was produced. I then researched online and started listening to more ATCQ, Pete Rock, Nujabes, 9th Wonder and many more great artists/producers. I slowly began learning how to produce when I was around 12 years old.

What is the origin of the name Minthaze?

When I think of something fresh or refreshing…mint always come to mind. Most of my music is smooth yet gritty/hazey. So I put the two together and came up with minthaze. I also think it is an unique name, so yeah.

Are there any musicians or artists that influenced you?

I am influenced by so many artists. Both musicians and other types of artists. I just love art and try to find art in every aspect of life. I really started getting into fashion late last year and it has also been inspiring me to make different types of music.

What kind of music do you like to listen to normally?

Usually I listen to soul, old jazz, psychedelic rock, and hip hop. But I try to listen to all types of music to broaden my understanding of production and learn how to produce different genres.

You announce your work mainly on Spotify, but do you perform any physical activities, like live concerts?

I have performed live and been in a beat battle but for now I like just being able to share my art digitally the most.

What is important to you when making music?

I believe the most important aspect of music is the feeling it gives you when you hear it. Music can touch your soul and give you certain feelings. I think sonics and the emotion it gives off is probably the most important thing. It is different for each listener, kind of like looking at a piece of abstract art for the first time. So, when making my music I try to keep that in mind and try my best to share what I am feeling in the moment.

What do you think about the Lo-fi Hip Hop movement?

I think Lo-fi has always been in hip hop. Gritty drums, off beat breaks, chill samples and raw emotion. The fact that it is popular now, kind of shows the state of mind the younger generation is in. Playlists have a big role in promoting new artists and I appreciate every feature I get and am glad that my music is enjoyed.

You have made some tracks in collaboration with other artists, but could you tell me who you have collaborated with and how that came about?

Most of the artists I collaborate with are artists who I’ve met on soundcloud. When I first started releasing music, I always used soundcloud. The beauty of soundcloud is that is a community in which artists can actually message each other. Shout out to bugseed, saito, Lester, Nowhere, purpan, mndbd and ntourage. There are many more artists but these are the artists who I have collaborated with the most, through soundlcoud.

What musicians have caught your eye lately and are there any musicians you would like to collaborate with in future?

Wow, there are so many artists I dream of collaborating with to be honest. To name just a few I would have to say 9th wonder, Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Ferg, Steve Lacy and Gus Dapperton.

What kind of activities are you considering for the future?

I have so much time and so many ideas but my near future goal is to have my music used in fashion shows and on television shows/ movies. I want to keep on creating and using music as a gateway to express myself.



Spotifyを中心に広がりを見せるLo-fi Hip Hop。単なる音楽ジャンルにとどまらないこのムーブメントについて、深く掘り下げたならば、あなたは度々プレイリストの中でMinthazeのビートと出会うでしょう。



僕は、若い頃にたくさんゲームをしていました。ゲームで ATCQ(A tribe called quest)の”Award Tour”を聞いて、それがどうやって作られてるのかに興味を持ちました。それから、ネットで調べてATCQ、ピート・ロック、ヌジャベス、9thワンダー、をはじめ多くの素晴らしいアーティストやプロデューサーを聴きはじめました。そうして、僕は12歳の頃から、ゆっくりと音楽の作り方を学びはじめたんです。


フレッシュかどうかを考える時、僕は”Mint(ミント)”が常に頭に浮かぶんです。僕の音楽のほとんどは滑らかですが、ザラザラしたり、”hazey(もやがかっている)”です。だから2つをまとめて、”Minthaze”という名前を思いつきました。 とってもユニークな名前だと思ってます。








音楽で最も重要なことは、聴きいてくれた人に与えるフィーリングだと思っています。音楽はその魂に触れ、特定の感情を与えます。 音が放つ感情が、とても重要だと思います。 それは聴き手ごとに受け取り方が異なると思いますが、抽象画を見るようなものです。 だから、音楽を作るときは、そのことを頭に置いて、その瞬間に感じていることを共有するように最善を尽くしています。

あなたはLo-fi Hip Hopといムーブメントをどのようにとらえていますか?

Lo-fiは、常にヒップホップにあったものです。ざらついたドラム、オフビートのブレイク、心地よいサンプル、生の感情。Lo-fi Hip Hopというものが、若い世代に人気があるという事実は、彼らの心情を示しているんだと思います。プレイリストは新しいアーティストのプロモーションに大きな役割を果たしてくれているし、すべての機能に感謝です。色んな人が僕の音楽を楽しんでくれてうれしいです。


僕がコラボレーションしているアーティストのほとんどは、サウンドクラウドで出会った人たちです。音楽を発表しはじめた最初の頃は、サウンドクラウドを使っていました。サウンドクラウドの良さは、アーティストが互いにメッセージを送り合うことができるコミュニティだということです。 Bugseed、saito、Lester、Nowhere、purpan、mndbd、ntourage、他にも多くのアーティストがいますが、彼らはサウンドクラウドを通じて最もコラボしてきたアーティストです。