On Naminoue-dori, the main street leading to the beach from the center of Naha, Okinawa’s largest city, you’ll find Naminoue Music, a store operated by the AKAZUCHI crew.

This shop, managed by AKAZUCHI DJ 4go-tou offers a vast selection of CDs and records centering on hip-hop and dance music, featuring many undistributed underground and mixtape CDs not found in mainstream CD shops. This is definitely the place to visit if you want to be on top of the latest authentic Japanese hip-hop, including the Okinawa scene.

Naturally, there are AKAZUCHI members representing Okinawa every day at Naminoue Music, while rappers and musicians from every part of Japan are in and out. Here you can discover why the AKAZUCHI crew is attracting the attention and respect of Japan’s hip-hop scene.

Also, Naminoue Barber opened a shop inside the music store in July 2019. While operating a barbershop inside a record store is a pretty unique idea, someone who knows hip-hop and Black culture will understand how important barbershops are as a meeting place. This authentic shop is winning wide approval from clients ranging from hip-hop heads to local neighbors.

It’s a special experience getting your hair cut by an old-school barber while the heavy bass of hip-hop surrounds you. If you visit Naminoue Music, we strongly recommend getting a haircut at the barbershop.

Once the barber has you looking like a b-boy, you’ll want to order some drinks at the cafe space inside the store. There you can check out and buy things like original enzyme juice made with pine and locally-gathered shikuwasa fruit, or products made with hemp or cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients that are currently attracting attention in Japan and the world. These also reflect the edgy style of AKAZUCHI.

For people just making their first steps into the hip-hop scene, this store is the best place to learn. Here you can get authentic information and encounter things you’ll never experience through streaming or on your smartphone. Creating a homegrown place like this plays an important role in deepening the Okinawan hip-hop scene.


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AKAZUCHIのDJ 4号棟が店長を務めるこのショップでは、ヒップホップやダンスミュージックを中心としたCDやレコードが数多くセレクトされている。大手CDショップなどには決して並ばない、アンダーグラウンドな非流通作品やミックスCDも数多く並んでいる。沖縄のシーンはもちろん、日本のリアルなヒップホップの最前線が知りたければ、ここへ来ればまず間違いない。