Did you check “The naked director” already?

Set in the Japan of the 1980s, Netflix’s original drama depicts life of the eccentric and energetic Toru Muranishi who was called the “Emperor of porno video” and is being distributed worldwide exclusively by Netflix.

The drama depicts the story of the man who created the dawn of Japan’s porn video industry in the 1980s and shakes the morals of the viewer. The sight of a man who overruns a chaotic world that is completely removed from common sense with an abnormal tension is extremely thrilling. Although he is an outlaw, he also is full of a mysterious charm.

This drama is “Boogie Nights” and “Wolf of Wall Street” set in Japan. Takayuki Yamada stars in the drama, and gives a true to life performance that could be said to be Japan’s Leonardo DiCaprio and starting from this work, people all around the world will know his name. Also, production of season 2 has been confirmed.