Rokuyosha; spinning a yarn with a scent of coffee

In Kyoto, there are quite a number of old coffee shops that have watched its town and people over a long period of time. Rokuyosha is one of them.
Rokuyosha has existed as a salon for students and intellectuals as well as the local people on a busy street in Kawaramachi Sanjyo, Kyoto for more than 70 years.

The owner, Mr Okuno, started to roast coffee beans in the beginning of 1980s. His style of brewing coffee by manual drip using various kinds of home roasted beans is now the mainstream worldwide but was still rare at that time. The rich taste that brings out the original flavor of beans created a new wave in the Japanese coffee culture.

One more thing that has been loved by the customers along with coffee is delicious doughnut made by his wife. The crispy texture and the sophisticated sweetness bring miraculous harmony with coffee.
Rokuyosha has been there in the same spot for over 70 years. How has it witnessed the town of Kyoto and the time?
Mr Okuno tells us.

“Every day, it’s like watching movies. If I stand here, the world visits me from outside of the door. It’s like that.”
Time repeatedly passes day by day. Yet, not a single day is the same. A new story is silently being born here with a scent of freshly brewed coffee.